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Compass Insurance Newsletter

Compass 14.1: Emotional Intelligence - Effective Leadership in the New Workplace

Explore the four areas of emotional intelligence, as well as tools and techniques to strengthen and grow existing leadership skills.




Compass 13.4: An Intentional Approach to Remote Productivity

Shifting organizational dynamics and employees facing new challenges have leaders focused on how to manage and measure productivity.


Compass 13.3: Reimagining Your Organization to Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

Explore how leadership can provide guidance and support as they inspire employees to move forward and reimagine their organizatons for success.

Compass 13.2: Managing a Remote Employee Culture

In today’s physically isolated work setting, it’s important for organizations to promote a positive and supportive corporate culture that reflects your company values. By doing so, companies can keep their employees engaged and motivated.

Compass 13.1: Prioritizing Succession Planning in the New Year

In today’s competitive market, succession planning is often delayed in response to more immediate business needs. However, now is the time to prioritize creating strategic and intentional plans that will contribute to long-term company success.