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Compass Insurance Newsletter

Compass 13.1: Prioritizing Succession Planning in the New Year

In today’s competitive market, succession planning is often delayed in response to more immediate business needs. However, now is the time to prioritize creating strategic and intentional plans that will contribute to long-term company success.

Compass 12.4: Engaging Seasoned Industry Talent

In this issue's feature article, Kylee Lacson and Brett Carter discuss how insurers can embrace the diverse workforce and consciously engage their seasoned employees. By doing so, they can be best positioned to benefit from the unique skill sets and talents all employees have to offer.

Compass 12.3: What Does the Candidate-Driven Market Really Mean for Insurers?

This issue's feature article discusses the importance of considering the candidate's perspective and motivations. Jacobson's David E. Coons discusses how insurers can remain competitive in a candidate’s market including how to be strategic about offers and counter offers. 

Compass 12.2: Developing a New Type of Leader

This issue’s feature article explores the importance of growing and developing leaders who can inspire and propel the organization's success. Jacobson’s JoJo Harris and Brad Whatley discuss how to identify future leaders and best practices for developing their strengths. By doing so, organizations will be well-positioned to navigate through current and future challenges.


This issue’s feature article explores the importance of retaining and developing Gen X professionals for future success. Jacobson’s Abbe Sodikoff suggests insurers offer competitive compensation programs and provide extensive development opportunities specifically geared toward Gen X employees. By doing so, organizations can sustain their executive talent pipelines and position themselves for a bright future.