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Where Does Insurance Stand In Gender Equality?

Published in ON THE RISK

Organizations are expanding beyond their borders, and a traditional work environment is no longer sustainable to meet the reality of today’s business world. Creating an inclusive workplace is an important undertaking that insurers must excel at in order to thrive today and tomorrow.

Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting.


The Future of Work: Workforce 2.0

Presented at ReSource Pro's Operations Boot Camp

The future of work is now a business reality. Existing trends, modernization and emerging “normals” are accelerating and irreversibly changing the labor force as we know it. Only employers that re-energize their recruitment and retention strategies will achieve the enterprise contributions needed for continued success.

Boardroom View 1.1: Cultivating an Inclusive Boardroom

A Jacobson Perspective

This issue’s feature article explores the importance of diversity for future company success. By accelerating gender diversity in the boardroom, organizations across all sectors, including insurance, can begin to take the necessary steps to close the gender gap and continue to diversify the boardroom beyond gender.

2019 Underwriting Trends

A Jacobson Perspective

How will the underwriting field change in 2019? From embracing automation to improving customer experience, underwriters must step up to meet new expectations in their organizations. Our guide discusses the top six trends we expect to see this year.

Industry Still Lags on Diversity

Published in Insurance Thought Leadership

The insurance industry has made great strides, but we still have a long road before gender balance is achieved at the leadership level. A balanced workforce yields tangible advantages that are key to staying ahead in today’s complex market. Insurers can build more gender-equal workforces in several ways – and reap significant benefits.