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Effective Recruitment Strategies for the Remote Reality

Guide: A Jacobson Perspective

Despite the current work environment, critical roles need to be filled and organizations must move forward. As business decisions and challenges play out in the virtual environment, so must the hiring process. By developing an intentional and strategic plan for remote hiring and onboarding, companies can adapt to the new normal and remain competitive.

Attracting the Next Generation of Insurance Talent

Published in Insurance Journal

Insurance is often a career path overlooked by graduates, and in the midst of shelter-in-place orders companies can find it difficult to connect with young talent interested in the industry. Creative remote interviews, a strong social media presence and interesting corporate culture can benefit organizations seeking entry-level professionals.

Managing a Remote Employee Culture

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

In today’s remote work setting, it’s important for organizations to promote a supportive corporate culture that reflects your company values. By doing so, companies can keep their employees engaged and motivated.

The Power of Your Personal Brand

Presented at NAAIA Chicago

Your brand is what helps you communicate your capabilities to others, establish your reputation and attract more opportunities. Discover the importance of creating a personal brand that portrays your best self.

Harnessing the Strategic Potential of Boards

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

Today's boardrooms are operating in a tumultuous business climate. As business continuity and remote work capabilities take precedent, certain skills and experiences are more valuable in the boardroom than ever before.