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Embracing Talent Beyond MPL to Drive Future Success

Published in Inside Medical Liability

It is no secret that the medical professional liability (MPL) insurance market is in the midst of a difficult business climate. There is simply not enough talent within the MPL pool to keep up with the industry’s demand. Organizations must look beyond their specialty lines and
into the larger insurance talent pool to thrive in this candidate-
driven market.

Actuarial Team of the Future: Invigorating the Role of Financial Guardians

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

The leading actuaries of tomorrow must be well-rounded hybrid professionals equipped with a blend of technical prowess and soft skills. They will be expected to verbally present their ideas to leaders and collaborate with team members enterprise-wide. Forward-thinking leaders are already aware of this position’s value and are in search of effective strategies to assemble and retain the actuarial teams of the future

No Human Left Behind: AI's Candidacy in Insurance

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

Modernization projects driven by artificial intelligence (AI) are permeating all functions industry-wide. Only those organizations that effectively adapt to the new AI-infused workplace will experience continued success. Incorporating this new structure into corporate culture will also ensure no humans are left behind and help employees realize their potential in this stage of the revolution.


NAMIC Connect Differently

Video Interview

Companies no longer view diversity and inclusion as a business recommendation, but as a significant factor in building a strong, successful future. Today’s world demands companies provide a comprehensive approach to creating this culture. Now is the time for inclusion, and the industry must transition from talk to action.

A Study of Q3 Labor Market Trends

Infographic: A Jacobson Perspective

The Jacobson Group and Ward Group conducted the Q3 2018 iteration of our Semi-Annual Insurance Labor Market Study to investigate hiring trends within the insurance industry. The results were indicative of growth. Discover valuable insights that will help you craft your talent acquisition and management strategies.