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Episode 7: Preparing for Board Service: Expert Insights

Serving on a corporate board can be a rewarding and valuable experience in many ways. The Jacobson Group’s co-CEO Greg Jacobson recently sat down with two industry leaders to discuss the qualities of successful directors and how insurance executives can most effectively prepare for a board seat. Donna Zarcone, who currently sits on the boards of Cigna, CDW, The Duchossois Group and Quinnox; and Dave Michelson, who sits on the board of FedNat and is president of DWM Consulting and advisor at a number of technology companies, share their vast experiences and advice for those pursuing board service.

Effective Leadership in the Virtual Environment

Presented at SOA Health Meeting

Fully remote and hybrid work is here to stay and actuarial leaders are continuing to evolve their styles and strategies to accommodate shifting needs. In order to build engaged and future-focused teams, leaders must refine their management approach and be intentional about helping employees build relationships and connect to the organization's culture. Download our presentation to learn how actuarial leaders can boost productivity among their staff to meet business goals and move forward in the new working environment.


Recruiting for Skills, Not Experience

Presented at IASA Xchange Annual Meeting

The insurance industry remains a candidate-driven market and competition for innovative and future-oriented professionals is increasing. By taking an approach that focuses on skills, not experience, insurers are able to be more inclusive in their hiring and reach a broader talent pool of diverse individuals. This presentation will explore actionable steps for expanding their candidate pools, interviewing for skills, and supporting DEI efforts. 

2022 Underwriting Trends Guide

Learn which upcoming trends will drive the underwriting industry forward this year. Insurers are continuing to experience the most competitive labor market in recent history. From intensifying recruiting difficulty to shifting candidate expectations, the underwriting function must adapt to a changing industry.

PULSE of the U.S. Insurance Industry: May 2022

The insurance industry unemployment rate slightly decreased to 1.4% in April. PULSE serves as a supplement to our quarterly newsletter, Compass, by providing an overview of the industry's current labor market on a monthly basis. The feature includes insurance industry labor statistics and graphs to illustrate changes.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Presented at NAMIC Webinar Series

In an increasingly complex and shifting business environment, the definition of what makes a strong leader has evolved, especially in light of the pandemic. Those at the helm must thrive during uncertainty, champion inclusivity, continually innovate and inspire, and engage a diverse workforce. Download our presentation to learn how to identify and grow necessary skills among current high performers and ways to recruit for skills to fill any talent gaps.

Competing for Claims Talent

Published in CLM Magazine

How can insurers take a proactive strategy to compete for claims talent? To create future-proof teams, leaders must build strategic long-term career plans to foster growth and loyalty within their organization. This article highlights results from our and Aon's Q1 2022 U.S. Insurance Labor Market Study and shares key considerations for competitively approaching talent acquisition.

Building Long-Term Loyalty in a Hybrid Environment

Presented at Life Insurance Conference

The fully remote and hybrid environments that emerged amid the pandemic require leaders to refine their management styles and intentionally facilitate a sense of connection with their teams regardless of work location. Organizations are increasingly turning to tailored retention and development plans that align with individual values, needs and career aspirations, ultimately improving employee engagement and productivity.

Compass 15.2 Retaining Top Talent in Today's Competitive Labor Market

As the candidate’s market continues to intensify and recruiting difficulty hits an all-time high, retaining talent is more important than ever. Formal retention strategies should be a key area of focus within your organization. Explore comprehensive strategies for effectively retaining engaged and loyal teams in today's challenging environment.

Boardroom View 4.1: Traits and Behaviors of the Most Effective Directors

As insurance organizations continue to evolve in this ever-changing business climate, so does the role of its board of directors. Often selected with a strategic purpose in mind, each board member plays a distinct, essential role in effective governance. This issue's feature article highlights several behaviors that help set the best directors apart.

Redefining Leadership Development

Published in Insurance Journal

The role of a great leader continues to evolve, but while most insurers are focused on growing employees’ technical abilities, many are overlooking the importance of interpersonal and leadership skills in their career development plans. In this article for Insurance Journal, The Jacobson Group’s Julie Dunn shares how leadership development is being redefined as new business demands and expectations are met with shifting challenges and priorities.

Transforming Talent Strategies for the New Employment Landscape

Presented at NAMIC Human Resources Summit

Between "The Great Resignation" and "the Great Reshuffle", how are insurers adjusting to the industry's changing employment landscape? There’s a realignment of talent taking place as long-term remote and hybrid environments become the norm, individuals reevaluate their personal and professional priorities, and Generation Z continues to enter the workplace. This presentation discusses how insurers must adapt and transform their recruitment and retention practices in the new work environment.

Developing a Talent-Driven Culture that Transcends Locations

Presented at APCIA Human Resources Conference
As the war for talent rages on, developing a strong corporate culture that translates beyond the physical office is key to a successful talent strategy. In order to attract and retain top talent, HR leaders must be intentional about developing a corporate culture that permeates from leaders to individual contributors and in both the physical and remote setting. Download our presentation to explore the three distinct levels of culture and its impact on developing an engaged and productive workforce.


The insurance industry unemployment rate slightly decreased to 1.5% in March. PULSE serves as a supplement to our quarterly newsletter, Compass, by providing an overview of the industry's current labor market on a monthly basis. The feature includes insurance industry labor statistics and graphs to illustrate changes.

Positioning Yourself to Win, Win, Win! How to Stand Out in Today's Hot Labor Market

Presented at NAAIA Chicago Meeting

With job openings near an all-time high, retirements accelerating and new roles continuing to emerge, the phrase “a candidate’s market” has never more accurately described the insurance industry’s recruiting climate. This presentation explores how to first uncover your personal motivators and expectations, and then leverage the job search and interview process to ultimately achieve increased job satisfaction and success.  


DEI: Making a Lasting Impact

Presented at MPL Association CEO/COO Meeting

For years, the insurance industry has recognized the importance of diversity and its compelling business case. However, cultivating an inclusive culture is an ongoing process that requires a substantial investment of time and effort to sustain change. This presentation explores how to communicate the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout your organization, while clearly connecting it to your company’s specific business goals.

Episode 6: Exploring the Current State of the Insurance Labor Market: Q1 2022

The results of The Jacobson Group and Aon plc’s Q1 2022 Insurance Labor Market Study indicate record-setting staffing expectations and recruiting difficulty. Jeff Rieder, head of Aon’s Ward Benchmarking, and Greg Jacobson, co-CEO of The Jacobson Group, discuss the study’s key findings and provide insight on what insurers can expect from a talent standpoint in 2022.

Pulse of the U.S. Insurance Industry: March 2022

The insurance industry unemployment rate slightly increased to 1.8% in February. PULSE serves as a supplement to our quarterly newsletter, Compass, by providing an overview of the industry's current labor market on a monthly basis. The feature includes insurance industry labor statistics and graphs to illustrate changes.

Q1 2022 Labor Study Results Infographic

The results of the fist quarter iteration of the 2022 U.S. Insurance Labor Outlook Study are now available. The study, led by The Jacobson Group and Aon, plc, examines insurance industry labor and hiring trends. View highlighted stats in our infographic.

Hiring the Next Generation of insurance Professionals

Published in PC360

The Jacobson Group’s Tony Cañas joined executives from Pennsylvania Lumbermans Mutual and Zurich Insurance to discuss the challenges to and solutions for attracting new insurance talent in the current labor market. Hear their thoughts in the latest episode of the Insurance Speak podcast, hosted by PC360.

2022 Actuarial Talent Trends Guide

As we move through 2022, we are seeing a number of significant talent trends within the actuarial space. This challenging environment is compounded by shifting business priorities, the emergence of new roles and technologies, and increasing employee expectations. Download our guide to learn about the actuarial trends we expect will have the most impact in 2022.

Generation Z: Attracting and Retaining the Youngest Members of the Workforce

As the insurance industry continues to face a tight labor market, attracting and retaining members of Generation Z is essential for a successful talent strategy.  Explore these best practices to ensure you're well-positioned to recruit and retain tomorrow's insurance leaders.

Today’s Candidate Expectations and How to Compete

Published in Insurance Journal

Candidate expectations are continuing to evolve, in some cases seeming almost unrealistic. However, top talent is being pursued even more aggressively than in the past, giving professionals the opportunity to increase their asks and take advantage of competing offers. Learn how insurers can stand out to candidates during the interview process and individualize their approach to hiring to be best positioned to attract talented and capable individuals.

Episode 5: Attracting and Retaining Young Talent - Insurance Careers Month

It’s Insurance Careers Month, the hallmark event of the Insurance Careers Movement, a grassroots effort with a goal of inspiring young people to choose a career in insurance. In celebration of this event, host Greg Jacobson sat down with Marguerite Tortorello, managing director of the Insurance Careers Movement; John Glomb, president and CEO of Philadelphia Insurance; and Al Crook, head of HR business partners and apprenticeship at Zurich, to discuss how they are engaging young talent in unique and innovative ways. These industry leaders explain how they are expanding the industry’s visibility among young professionals and successfully recruiting the next generation of insurance talent. Learn more at

Pulse of the U.S. Insurance Industry: February 2022

The insurance industry unemployment rate decreased to 1.7% in January. PULSE serves as a supplement to our quarterly newsletter, Compass, by providing an overview of the industry's current labor market on a monthly basis. The feature includes insurance industry labor statistics and graphs to illustrate changes.