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The Future of Underwriting

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

Technology is radically transforming the underwriting industry. In response, the function and its professionals are being redefined as the industry races to modernize.

Infographic: A Study on Labor Market Trends

A Jacobson Perspective

The Jacobson Group and Ward Group - a part of Aon - plc (NYSE: AON) conducted a study to investigate hiring trends within the life/heath insurance industry. The following represents the life/heath highlights from our Semi - Annual Insurance Labor Market Study conducted in quarter three of 2018. 






Insurtech: A Role Model of Innovative Talent Success

Published by Insurance Journal

Technology and innovation are becoming necessities in the insurance industry. While historically known for being tech-averse, insurance organizations can still use this opportunity to reach a younger generation. It’s no secret that millennials and Generation Z gravitate toward businesses with more innovative culture. By remaining at the forefront of this movement, insurance firms can become a welcome choice for this new generation of professionals.

More Than a Manager: A Mentality to Ensure Enterprise Success

Published by Insurance Journal

Managers today are no longer just supervisors. They are mentors, advocates and cheerleaders who listen to their employees, care for them and support them. Strengthening employee-manager relationships increases loyalty and improves retention. Employee-first mentality is a recipe for a fruitful workforce and ultimately continued business success.

Open Enrollment Workload Best Practices

A Jacobson Perspective

As open enrollment continues and deadlines quickly approach, health insurers must help their customers make the best decisions while also managing growing workload pressure among employees. In our guide, we discuss six best practices to improve employee engagement and inspire productivity this open enrollment season.