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Insurance Industry Adds Nearly 20K Jobs During Pandemic

Published in Carrier Management

Carrier Management takes a look at highlights from The Jacobson Group and Aon plc’s Semi-Annual U.S. Insurance Labor Study and webinar.

Evolving Compensation Practices to Meet Changing Employee Needs

Published in Insurance Journal

From adapting interview processes to confidently making a final offer to someone they’ve never met, hiring managers have risen to the challenge and expanded their comfort zones. In order to attract and retain top employees in the evolving environment, organizations should also be taking a fresh look at how they approach compensation.

PULSE of the U.S. Insurance Industry: February 2021

The insurance industry unemployment rate decreased to 2.2% in January. PULSE serves as a supplement to our quarterly newsletter, Compass, by providing an overview of the industry's current labor market on a monthly basis. The feature includes exclusive Jacobson insights, insurance industry labor statistics and graphs to illustrate changes.

Compass 14.1: Emotional Intelligence - Effective Leadership in the New Workplace

Explore the four areas of emotional intelligence, as well as tools and techniques to strengthen and grow existing leadership skills.




Effective Management in the New Normal

Guide: A Jacobson Perspective

In 2020, leaders faced a multitude of challenges along with a number of opportunities. Connecting with and engaging employees, while simultaneously maintaining productivity, requires new skills and leadership techniques. Learn insights for successful remote management in the new normal.