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Taking a Strategic Approach to Professional Development

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

Professional development is essential in creating the leaders the insurance industry needs as today's mass retirements continue. By taking a strategic approach, insurers can develop employees in ways that keep them engaged while also positioning their organizations for long-term success.

Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Published in the Insurance Journal

The insurance industry is making strides in its diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts. By making D&I a priority, organizations can build innovative teams that will be successful in the future of work.

What Does the Candidate-Driven Market Really Mean for Insurers?

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

In order to be successful in today's candidate-driven market, it is important for insurers to consider the candidate's perspective and motivations. By doing so, insurers can be strategic about offers and counter offers and remain competitive in a candidate’s market.

The Future of Work: Workforce 2.0

Presented to Assurex Global

The future of work in the insurance industry centers on flexible work arrangements, Millennial and Gen Z talent, AI, automation, and more. Leaders must adapt to the evolved insurance reality by engaging their diverse workforce and making decisions in complex environments.

Redefining the Workplace: the Road to Modernization

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

Modernization projects driven by artificial intelligence are permeating all functions industry-wide. Only those organizations that effectively adapt to the new modern-infused workplace will experience continued success. Incorporating this new structure into corporate culture will also ensure no humans are left behind and help employees realize their potential in this stage of the revolution.