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Emphasizing Empathy During Technological Transformations

Published in Insurance Journal

Modernization is beneficial for the growth of the insurance industry, yet many workers are anxious about what it means for their professional futures. When pursuing innovation and transformation, leaders must exercise empathy to improve organizational strength and win employee loyalty.

Developing a New Type of Leader

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

In today's quickly changing business environment, insurers must focus on identifying their leaders and determining best practices for developing their strengths. By doing so, organizations will be well-positioned to navigate through current and future challenges.

Developing a Future-Ready Workforce

Presented at the 2019 LOMA Financial Inforum

As automation, AI and outsourcing continue to impact the insurance industry, human workers are left wondering how these disruptors will affect their careers. It is vital that organizations include human capital in their calculations when planning for modernization initiatives. By promoting leadership and a digital culture, leaders can support their staff through these changes.

Executive Compensation: Relevant and Resilient Strategies

Presented at NAMIC Directors Bootcamp 2.0

Today’s insurance landscape is multi-dimensional with issues ranging from historically low unemployment to diversity and inclusion. In this evolving market, boards are responsible for securing high-performing leadership and ensuring fair compensation. Exploring compensation strategies for their companies is a mandate.

The Insurance Kaleidoscope: Trends, Tips and Takeaways

Presented at the IASA Chicagoland Chapter Conference

The kaleidoscope epitomizes the state of the insurance industry today: colorful, abstract and constantly changing. As the industry becomes more complex, navigating the evolving insurance reality can prove challenging. The leaders of tomorrow must adapt to this future of work to effectively inspire and motivate their employees.