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Underwriter of the Future

Presented to Westfield Insurance


As the insurance industry changes, so does the role of the underwriter. Underwriting professionals are taking on new roles and responsibilities, including sales, customer service and data analytics. By developing their skillsets and embracing modernization, underwriters can support multiple areas of their business.

Prioritizing Succession Planning for Long-Term Success

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective


In today’s competitive market, succession planning is often delayed in response to more immediate business needs. However, now is the time to prioritize creating comprehensive plans that will contribute to long-term company success.

The Art of Storytelling and Networking in the New Decade

Presented to M Financial

For women in business, networking is not just a beneficial skill to have. Instead, it's a necessity for career advancement and long-term success. By incorporating storytelling best practices into their communication, women can advance in their careers and develop a strong personal network.

The Role of Human Skills in Personal Branding

Published on Data Management University

Developing a personal brand is vital for most professions, but especially so for data management. Intentional branding can highlight passions, skills and goals. By identifying and improving personal strengths and human skills proficiencies, data professionals can hone their brand.

2019 Best of Jacobson

Infographic: A Jacobson Perspective

Our most popular content of 2019 ranged in topic from reengaging Gen X to attracting Millennials to the insurance industry, along with much more. This infographic features our readers’ favorite blog posts, white papers and bylined articles published last year.