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2018 Best of Jacobson

Our most popular content of 2018 ranged in topic from the candidate-driven market to the importance of corporate culture in recruitment and retention, along with much more. This infographic features our readers’ favorite blog posts, white papers and bylined articles published last year.

How the Gig Economy Can Shore Up the Insurance Talent Crisis

Published in PropertyCasualty360

Like many other professional fields, the insurance industry is experiencing a rise in contract positions. These temporary “gigs” provide a solution to dwindling talent pools, project-based needs and mass retirements common to the insurance industry. From entry-level to executive positions, contract workers provide a solution to the industry’s talent crisis.

2019 Insurance Industry Talent Trends Guide

A Jacobson Perspective

What does 2019 hold for the insurance industry labor market? What talent trends are we expecting to see in the coming year? From recruiting trends to talent strategies, change is in store for the industry in 2019.

Take Corporate Citizenship to the Next Level with Coalitions

Published in Insurance Journal

Insurers that demonstrate corporate social responsibility see a variety of benefits from that commitment. Some innovative organizations are taking their initiative one step further by forming coalitions. By participating in coalitions, businesses are able to generate new opportunities, engage their employees and attract new talent.

Hiring Veterans: More than an Honor

Published in We Hire Heroes

While we can never thank veterans enough for their sacrifice to protect their fellow Americans, hiring them is one way we can begin to show our gratitude. But that is not the only reason companies should recruit military personnel. From exceptional leadership skills to transferrable soft skills, there are many compelling, practical reasons why employers should hire veterans.