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Industry Still Lags on Diversity

Published in Insurance Thought Leadership

While the insurance industry has made great strides in recent years, we still have a long road before gender balance is achieved at the leadership level. A balanced workforce yields tangible business advantages that are key to staying ahead in today’s competitive and complex market. There are several ways insurers can build a more gender-equal workforce - and reap significant benefits.


VA Bad Faith, FAA Drone Regulations, Industry Support in Congress

Published in NAMIC Insurance Uncovered

Insurers must be prepared with the latest talent trends to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving market. In this podcast, Margaret Resce Milkint discusses our 2019 Talent Trends Guide and the need for soft skills in future employees. These skills are vital differentiators for your organization’s workforce.


8 Popular Insurance Talent Myths Debunked

A Jacobson Perspective

Odds are you have probably heard colleagues talk in length about the insurance talent crisis. With the discussion of that crisis, many popular talent myths are surfacing. In order to recruit and retain top talent, those myths must be put to rest and discussions must be had about the importance of upgrading salaries, culture and more.


Show Them the Money

Published in Insurance Journal

In today’s passive, candidate-driven market, employers do not have the upper hand in the recruitment process. Despite the rising rate of retirement among experienced professionals, which is forcing organizations to increase their hiring efforts, wages have remained virtually stagnant. As a result, professionals today feel more and more inclined to switch jobs for higher salaries.


2019 Actuarial Trends

A Jacobson Perspective

What changes will the actuarial industry see in 2019? As modernization and a talent gap continue to disrupt the industry, actuaries must prepare their teams to thrive despite these ongoing challenges. Our guide features the top six trends we expect to see this year.