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Insurance Emerging Talent

Did you know that there will be a deficit of 33,000 insurance professionals by 2020?

Jacobson’s emerging talent program delivers recent graduates and young professionals for assess-to-hire, direct hire and internship opportunities, paving the way for long-term industry careers.

Emerging talent provides insurers with bright, young professionals for a variety of insurance opportunities as a dynamic way to hire new talent. Our unique program guides new talent to our clients’ doorsteps in an effort to offset the impending skills gap.


Industry Leaders

For more than 45 years, countless insurance organizations have relied on Jacobson as their preferred insurance staffing provider. Jacobson’s client satisfaction rating of 97 percent stands testament to the value we provide. By conducting in-depth research to keep on the pulse of the insurance industry, we have been able to successfully evolve with the insurance labor market conditions. An outspoken industry advocate, we seek to help the industry face the upcoming skills gap head on. In fact, we are a founding leader in the Insurance Careers Movement, the industry-wide grassroots effort to attract young professionals to the insurance industry.

Emerging talent is not a foreign concept at Jacobson. We have made hiring and growing young professionals as a big part of our strategic growth plan. In fact, approximately 18 percent of Jacobson’s employees were hired directly after finishing their education. Jacobson strongly believes in growing young talent organically and has seen great success with this strategy.


The Skills Gap is Looming

Emerging talent is the only program dedicated to providing young talent exclusively to the insurance industry. With almost half of the insurance workforce expected to retire within the next 15 years, Jacobson has responded by developing this unique program to guide new talent to our client’s doorstep.

We are committed to educating candidates about industry career opportunities that correlate with their specific field of study and dispelling common misconceptions about the lack of industry opportunities beyond commissioned agent positions. Our primary goal is to place these young professionals in full-time roles that will ultimately lead to long-term careers within the industry.


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Our Program

Offered as a cost-effective complement to traditional campus recruiting, our program provides insurers with top candidates who have an expressed interest in the insurance industry. Our sourcing strategy focuses on “off-campus” recruiting to supplement (rather than compete with) client recruiting programs, enabling us to better engage candidates who are just launching their careers.

Jacobson’s promising professionals are carefully screened and aligned to the characteristics and skills required to succeed in each role. Our long-term retention rates after hire are exceptional. In fact, our turnover rate is less than three percent. In fact, more than 70 percent of Jacobson's temporary emerging talent employees are converted to full-time in fewer than 90 days.




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