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Recruiting Practice Areas

Industry challenges vary greatly from one insurance sector to another. At The Jacobson Group, we are known as thought leaders throughout the insurance industry. Our recruiting consultants specialize by sector and understand the specialized skillsets required to succeed in each unique insurance practice area. This translates into insurance recruitment services that are successful regardless of the product line or talent need.



Health Insurance Recruitment

Our recruiting consultants are aligned with the current health insurance landscape, so we can effectively connect our clients with the professionals who are the best fit for their open positions. As a health insurance recruitment agency, we are abreast of how changing healthcare regulations, technology and analytics are shaping the industry. We are also in tune with the health insurance talent pool and the recruitment challenges facing health plans. Low industry unemployment coupled with imminent mass retirement have created a difficult recruiting climate. Partnering with a recruitment agency that has specialized in the health insurance industry space for more than 40 years yields the knowledge and connections necessary to acquire new employees who can make an immediate impact.


Life Insurance Recruitment

We have been part of the life insurance industry for more than 40 years. As such, our recruiting consultants possess a deep understanding of the life insurance industry and its current challenges, as well as a vast network of connections within the life vertical. This allows our recruiters to proactively source not only active candidates, but also top tier passive candidates, for our life insurance clients. Our proven recruiting process helps life insurers identify, attract and recruit the talent their organizations require for continued success in the global marketplace.


Property and Casualty Insurance Recruitment

Recruiting for P&C insurance organizations presents its own set of challenges by product line. At Jacobson, we are well-rooted within the P&C community. In fact, a number of our property and casualty insurance recruiters have earned, or are in the process of earning, their INS and CPCU designations. Additionally, we are long-standing supporters, participants and speakers in a number of P&C insurance associations, including PCI and CPCU. We have long been considered thought leaders in the insurance recruiting industry and lend our experiences and insights to assist our clients in attracting the candidates needed to achieve their present and future objectives. Our marketplace expertise is now more important than ever as the industry faces extremely low unemployment and unprecedented competition for tenured insurance professionals. We help our clients navigate this challenging insurance recruitment climate and emerge with the talent they require to continue to be successful.


Insurance Recruiting Firm Clients

The Jacobson Group provides insurance recruiting services to a wide range of insurance organizations. As a dedicated insurance recruiting agency, we strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients to assist them not only with their present recruitment needs, but with those in the future, as well. This intimate understanding of our client organizations allows us to better identify insurance professionals who are not only a fit for the position, but a long-term fit for the company.

As insurers are well-aware, one of the greatest challenges facing the industry today is the ability to recruit and retain top talent. Many clients industry-wide turn to us to effectively identify and attract this very talent to their organizations.

We offer insurance recruitment services to the following organizations:

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Reinsurers
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Agencies/Brokers
  • Benefit Consulting Organizations
  • Consultants
  • Corporate Risk Management Departments
  • Financial Services Firms
  • E-Commerce Organizations
  • Self-Insureds
  • Insurance Software Vendors





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