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Temporary Enrollment Support

During the busiest time of the year, Jacobson can provide enrollment professionals who can quickly onboard and support our clients’ processes. Whether you need one enrollment specialist or an entire team, we are ready to help manage the workload influx all too common with enrollment season.

We have made it easier than ever to maintain customer service and other performance metrics during enrollment.

Download our enrollment reconciliation case study.


We have built an extensive network of enrollment specialists, who are available to meet the needs of our clients. This allows us to quickly deliver the talent needed at the right time. Our enrollment experts can quickly acclimate to our clients’ processes and procedures and meet the quality and performance expectations of our clients’ own permanent teams.


Skills and Expertise

Enrollment season is undoubtedly a high-pressure time of the year for any health plan. The challenges facing are varied and complex. Thus, acquiring enrollment professionals with the necessary skills and experiences to make an impact on your enrollment goals is key. Below are some of the specialists we have available in our network:

  • Case Installation Consultants
  • Group Enrollment Experts
  • Enrollment Reconciliation Teams
  • Membership and Billing Consultants

If you need help maintaining workloads this enrollment season, please contact us.




Claims Processor
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Escalation Specialist
Health Care Service Provider

Member Enrollment Specialist
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Provider Maintenance
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Facets Claims Examiner (2)
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