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Insurance Claims Processing

Jacobson’s claims experts can make an immediate impact on any increased volume of claims. Our clients have used our team of specialists for a variety of needs including tactical support during system implementations, backlog reduction, claims run-out and coverage for peak periods.

These experienced professionals have the proven product line expertise and a wealth of systems knowledge to assist you with processing, adjustments, recoveries, audits and more.

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Case Study: CAT Adjusters



Throughout our 50 years of serving the health insurance industry, we have built a high quality network of health insurance claims professionals. More than 80 percent of the professional we deliver have worked with Jacobson on a previous assignment, allowing us to quickly mobilize our teams. In fact, our teams are historically on project and ready to make an impact in as few as five days.


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Skills and Expertise

In order for a temporary team to have an immediate and significant impact on operations, the medical claims professionals provided must possess the right skills, experience and technical acumen. Some of the specialist we have available include the following:

  • Claims Processors
  • Claims Adjustment Analysts
  • Recovery Specialists
  • Claims Audit Experts
  • Claims Trainers

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