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Boardroom View Insurance Newsletter

Boardroom View 2.2: Boards and the Post-Pandemic World: Paving a New Way Forward

Insurance organizations’ responses have aligned to the change curve and ways boards can provide guidance as companies move to the later stages of the curve. This issue's feature article explains how boards can best support their CEOs as they position their organizations for success in the new landscape.

Boardroom View 2.1: Harnessing the Strategic Potential of Boards

As business continuity and remote work capabilities take precedent, certain skills and experiences are more valuable in the boardroom than ever before. This issue's feature article explores how boards can leverage their members' strategic potential to better support the company's vision.

Boardroom View 1.4: Five Considerations for Successfully Onboarding New Directors

This issue’s feature article discusses how onboarding plays a vital role in the effectiveness and impact of a new board member. There are a few important considerations to ensure an effective and comprehensive onboarding experience.

Boardroom View 1.3: A Board's Guide to Executive Compensation

This issue’s feature article explores the importance of recruiting and retaining executive talent through attractive compensation. By doing so, boards can set the stage to build a strong executive team.

Boardroom View 1.2: Cultivating an Inclusive Boardroom

This issue’s feature article explores the importance of having the board of directors oversee and prioritize the succession planning process. By doing so, companies can dramatically improve their chance for continued success.