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2018 Insurance Industry Talent Trends Guide

A Jacobson Perspective

What does 2018 hold for the insurance industry labor market? What talent trends are we expecting to see in the coming year?

Make Way for the Next Generations: How to Attract and Cultivate Millennial and Gen Z Talent

Presented at the 2017 IASA Texas Chapter Fall Conference

Learn about the next generations entering the workforce and how to recruit them into the insurance industry.

The Future of Insurance: Rethinking Talent Strategies for the New Reality

Presented at the 2017 Private Risk Management Summit

An aging workforce, low unemployment and a growing talent crisis are all contributing to today's changing workforce. As a result, insurers must turn to new talent solutions. Only by rethinking current strategies can forward-thinking organizations successfully move into the future. 

In Claims, It's a Candidates Market

Published in CLM Magazine

The claims function continues to see a growing talent gap at the mid-levels. Insurers must take a new approach to training and development in order to build high-performing claims. Is your organization prepared?

Can Cyber Open the Door to Attracting Talent?

Published in Insurance Journal

While cyber crime and cyber risk are certainly concerns for the industry, they also provide insurance organizations with unique recruiting perspective. Is your organization embracing the innovative opportunities being driven by cyber?