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Women in Insurance: Leading to Action

Published by Million Women Mentors

Women drive the insurance industry, making up more than 60 percent of the workforce. However, when it comes to leadership and pay, the gap between women and men is substantial. In fact, women in insurance earn 62 cents for every dollar earned by men. What can the industry do to close the gap?

Analytics as an Answer to Strategic HR Management

Published by Insurance Journal

It is hard to imagine modern human resources management without analytics. Throughout the past century, HR management has transformed from an operational discipline to a strategic one. Today, like other organizational functions, HR is moving toward a data-driven model. In this ever-changing workplace reality, how can insurance organizations truly embrace the potential of HR analytics?

Overcoming Today's Candidate-Driven Market

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

No longer just an ominous warning for the future, the long-predicted talent crunch is hitting the insurance industry with incredible force. The labor market's rebound from its pre-recession state and its relative stability are certainly positive for organizations' bottom lines. Yet with more openings than potential professionals, the industry stands amid a candidate's market, forcing insurers to reevaluate their current staffing and hiring expectations.

The Age of the Knowledge Worker

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

Workloads that used to constitute a “busy year” have become the new norm for actuaries. In terms of cost and talent management, this is not sustainable, causing many organizations to take a hard look at their current organizational design and potentially embark on significant structural changes.

The Perfect Storm: As CAT Seasons Heat Up, Are You Prepared?

Published in Insurance Journal

Disasters always have one thing in common: uncertainty. Will your team be able to provide quick, efficient customer service to match your insureds’ sense of urgency and respond to massive volcanic activity, a tornado, a hurricane or other natural disasters this year? What about five years from now? How about 2025?