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Attracting Innovative Talent in the Data-Driven Age

Published in Insurance Journal

As the insurance industry evolves and becomes more data-focused, it's vital that companies attract professionals with a similar mindset. By reevaluating roles, recruiting processes and the candidate experience, insurers can engage data and analytics talent with the ability to support their needs.

How a Culture of Change Helps Modernization Efforts

Published in Insurance Journal

In today’s industry, change management is vital and necessary for effective modernization implementation. It is important more than ever to attract the right talent, emphasize innovation and lead your team in a changing and evolving industry. By doing so, organizations will be best poised for future success.

Where's the Talent? Finding Claims Professionals in a Candidate-Driven Labor Market

Published in CLM Magazine

As the insurance industry continues to expand, insurers must reevaluate their approaches to attracting and retaining high performance claims talent. There are several ways insurers can connect with new claims talent, expand their candidate pools, and create work environments that retain key employees.


Engaging Seasoned Industry Talent

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

In today’s market, many organizations are so focused on attracting and growing millennials and Generation Z, they forget to harness their older employees' wide knowledge base and skill sets. By embracing the diverse workforce, they can be best positioned to benefit from the unique skill sets and talents all employees have to offer.

Key Takeaways: Themes and Actions for our D&I Journey

Infographic: A Jacobson Perspective

As insurance companies continue to make diversity and inclusion (D&I) a priority, it has become necessary for them to weave it into their every aspect of corporate culture. By incorporating holistic D&I practices, businesses can make a lasting and positive difference.