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Boardroom View 1.2: Succession Planning: How the Board Can Drive Success

A Jacobson Perspective

This issue’s feature article explores the importance of having the board of directors oversee and prioritize the succession planning process. By doing so, companies can dramatically improve their chance for continued success.

The War for Talent: Strategies and Innovation

Presented at the 2019 Mutual Company Segment Seminar

With the rise of the candidate’s market, mutuals are steering away from traditional recruiting practices. Instead, creating and promoting a motivating and inclusive work environment has become a necessity to appeal to top talent. By improving internal programs and efforts, companies can create an engaging culture that appeals to both candidates and current employees.

Succession Planning: What to Expect

A Jacobson Perspective

Planning for succession often starts early and can take years to effectively complete. Well-designed plans identify talent gaps and include a timeline for action. By developing an effective succession process, organizations can promote the long-term sustainability of business goals and talent retention.

Combatting the Mid-Level Actuarial Talent Gap

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

In this candidate-driven market, WAH programs can drastically increase insurers’ talent pools. However, these initiatives must be effectively planned and managed in order to see any benefit. By embracing a well-thought-out telecommuting program, organizations can fill their current actuarial openings and create a talent pipeline for future needs.

Will People Transform Automation?

Presented at the IASA 2019 Annual Conference

To maximize the advantages of emerging technology, companies must have people who can effectively leverage it. Preparing for modernization projects not only requires a business plan but a “people plan” to prepare employees for the change. By engaging their workforces, businesses can successfully implement transformation efforts.