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Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Top Talent for our Industry

Presented at IDMA 2018

As the industry continues to face a growing talent crisis, insurance professionals need to develop new skills and abilities. Additionally, organizations must focus on attracting, engaging and retaining Millennial and Gen Z employees.

Talent Risk - The Missing ERM Link

A 2018 PRIMA Podcast

The insurance industry first used enterprise risk management (ERM) as risk management strategy for finance, operations, compliance risk and similar functions. Recently, ERM has expanded into new target areas including, most importantly, talent risk management. Vice President and Managing Director Joyce Dunn shares her expertise on how ERM tackles the talent shortage within the insurance industry.

Fluid Work as a Retention and Engagement Game-Changer

Published in Insurance Journal

The insurance industry continues to face a competitive labor market. Attracting a broader scope of talent through flexible work arrangements could make the industry more competitive. Shifting away from the traditional in-office, 9-to-5 workday is a good place to start.

The Key to Unlocking Creativity? Promoting an Innovative Culture

Published in Insurance Journal

Insurers have embraced an “innovate or die” business mantra. Creating a culture that fosters creative thought and adapts to change not only ensures future success, but also plays a key role in recruiting talent.

2018 Underwriting Trends

A Jacobson Perspective

The insurance industry is undergoing numerous changes, many of which are impacting underwriting. From a growing talent crisis to advancing technology, is your organization prepared?