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2018 Customer Service Industry Trends

A Jacobson Perspective

Insurers know that improving the customer experience can be an engine of profitable growth. From artificial intelligence to digitalization, the customer service industry will experience many changes in 2018. How can insurance companies incorporate these trends to improve their customer's experience?

Wanted: A Diverse Workforce

Quoted in NAMIC In Magazine

The Insurance Industry continues to struggle with diversity and inclusion within its workplaces. An increasingly diverse nation means insurers must take concerted efforts to ensure the industry workforce reflects and understands the people they serve.

Talent Wishlist: Skills, Characteristics and Core Competencies

Presented at IASA 2018

There is no longer a need for employees who are skilled in the same area. Demand has shifted to employees who can be both specialized and "all-rounders" simultaneously. Insurance professionals must build the desired skills and competencies required by organizations in this shifting landscape.

Rethinking Leadership: Overturning Traditional Professional Development

Presented at PRIMA's 2018 Annual Conference

The insurance industry is facing a talent crisis as 60 percent of the demand for managerial and technical talent will not be met by current staff. Insurers must act quickly to ensure young talent is equipped with the knowledge and experience required to take the reins from tenured staff.

Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Top Talent for our Industry

Presented at IDMA 2018

As the industry continues to face a growing talent crisis, insurance professionals need to develop new skills and abilities. Additionally, organizations must focus on attracting, engaging and retaining Millennial and Gen Z employees.