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Navigating Today's Evolving Workplace: Engaging the Human Element

Presented at SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium

Today’s insurance organizations are faced with navigating a multitude of developing trends. Amid this upheaval, many are challenged with the human element of their evolving strategic initiatives. Insurers must develop strategies and best practices for engaging employees to ensure success in today’s rapidly shifting workplace.

Attracting Gen Z: The Post-Millennial Talent Wave

Published by Insurance Journal

Today’s insurance labor market is colored by the rapid graying of the workforce. It is important that organizations keep an open mind and give employees as much choice as possible. Aligning with Gen Zers’ preferences will not only help insurers tackle persistent industry-wide challenges, but will also earn them employer-of-choice recognition, allowing them to prosper for years to come.

Rebranding and Embracing Change to Thrive in the Future of Work

Published by Insurance Journal

As technology exerts bigger influence on business operations, the insurance industry is at risk of losing its workforce. The potential the future of work offers is exciting. Organizations must proactively approach innovation alongside their employees and authentically promote their modern workplace. Only then will the industry have the talent to successfully redefine its future.

Actuarial Inclusion: Turning Talk into Action

White Paper: A Jacobson Perspective

As the population continues to diversify, D&I of thought, experience and background are becoming the backbone of insurance organizations. While there has been significant progress in recent years, some programs and initiatives still fall short of real action and glass ceilings - beyond gender - still prevent highly talent individuals from leading the industry. Thus, D&I has elevated to a leading initiative for the actuarial community. There is a move towards creating environments attractive to all to ignite more parity and more opportunity.

Soft Skills Define Leaders

Published by Data Management University

Data and information are revolutionizing all industries, and the applications and opportunities are limitless. Soft skill competency ultimately will become a stand-out differentiator for career success. Mastering and celebrating these skills, embracing what makes us humans, will fuel this wave of innovation and provide opportunities for growth for years to come.