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Finding qualified insurance underwriters – even on a temporary or contract basis – has become more challenging in recent years. Industry trends indicate that there will be a deficit of 33,000 insurance professionals by 2020, and 25 percent of the underwriting force is due to retire in the next five years. With this in mind, finding the right talent for your underwriting department is becoming increasingly difficult, unless you seek help from an experienced insurance recruiter like The Jacobson Group. Many organizations are also turning to flexible staffing models, such as the utilization of contract underwriters, to combat the talent gap and complement their full-time staff on an as-needed basisf or special projects or an influx in demand. Leveraging an average of 15 years of functional expertise, Jacobson’s underwriting management experts can quickly step in to address critical business situations and support your insurance underwriting process needs.


Health Insurance Underwriting

Underwriting consultants are in high-demand, and the health industry is no exception. Skilled underwriters with functional expertise and specific health insurance product line experience are required to set your company’s health insurance underwriting process apart from other underwriting companies. Our underwriting experts provide acumen in the following subject matter areas:

  • Individual and Group Underwriting
  • Pricing
  • Process Analysis
  • Process Improvements
  • Underwriting Management

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Disability and Life Insurance Underwriting

As with other lines, the life and disability insurance industry has its unique challenges. Skilled underwriters help navigate these challenges, refining your company’s life insurance underwriting process and yielding more profitable products and decreased exposure.

  • APS Summaries
  • Full Underwriting
  • Growth
  • Interim Management
  • Quick Quotes
  • Trial Apps
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Operational Streamlining and Efficiencies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training
  • Underwriting Guideline Development

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Casualty and Property Insurance Underwriting

The underwriting projects of the property and casualty industry are as diverse as its product lines. We provide underwriters with proven product line knowledge and hands-on functional expertise to meet a variety of underwriting needs. Whether you are in need of a commercial insurance underwriter or someone that specializes in auto insurance underwriting, Jacobson has a plethora of experienced personnel available for temporary hire.

  • Auditing
  • Backlogs
  • Branch Consolidations
  • Growth
  • Interim Management
  • Marketing Penetration and Feasibility Studies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Operational Streamlining and Efficiencies
  • Product Launches
  • Strategic Planning
  • System Conversions Training

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Jacobson’s Insurance Underwriter Network

Throughout the past 45 years, we have developed an extensive network of underwriting experts. To view a sampling of the consultants available for your special projects and interim engagements, search for underwriting consultants now.


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