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Network Development Consultants

New regulations and government-mandated coverage is fueling the demand for health insurance. A focus on network development and market expansion is key for health plans looking to remain competitive amid this ever-changing landscape. Organizations are turning to specialized personnel with expertise in network development for interim support as they bid on new government-sponsored plans, expand their geographic footprints or strengthen existing provider accessibility and relations.

As a leading provider of insurance talent, The Jacobson Group delivers network development consultants, such as physician recruiters and provider contractors, in a timely and cost-effective manner as a solution to your expansion needs. Our subject matter experts are often used to support growth initiatives or to provide specialized expertise as a complement to existing staff.

With more than four decades of insurance industry experience and relationships at work, Jacobson provides immediate access on demand to network development professionals on an interim basis for your expansion projects and short-term engagements.

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Expertise in Network Development

Jacobson’s proven experts leverage their own provider relationships and a wealth of knowledge of the payer and provider worlds, allowing them to quickly and effectively build the networks needed to meet provider accessibility standards and to exceed customer expectations. Our subject matter experts average 15 years of experience in network development and contracting and have assisted our clients with a various projects, including the following:

  • Identifying provider targets for network builds in new markets
  • Recruiting new providers to meet accessibility standards
  • Interpreting, evaluating and negotiating complex program contracts
  • Simplifying and disseminating complex, but integral, communications regarding payer and provider relationships

Jacobson’s experts have been known to consistently deliver provider networks that exceeded per capita requirements and maximized the health plan’s reach.

On Demand Expertise for Health Insurers

Our experts are well-versed in health insurance business processes and possess proven project management capabilities and marketplace credibility. Utilizing Jacobson’s consultants allows you to leverage the specific expertise you need when you need it without having to increase permanent staff.

Our health insurance professional network is vast including care management personnel, such as interim medical directors and project nurses, as well as network contracting specialists to help build and maintain your provider networks:

  • Contract Specialist
  • Network Development Manager
  • Physician Recruiter
  • Provider Engagement Manager
  • Provider Outreach Educator
  • Provider Relations Advocate

Our Network Development Consultants

Amid the ever-changing healthcare climate, the ability to remain nimble and quickly take advantage of growth opportunities is a competitive advantage. Jacobson allows our clients to immediately access network development consultants with an average of 15 years of functional expertise and provider knowledge, ensuring their critical business projects are addressed.

Jacobson – Provider of Network Development Professionals

Jacobson focuses its resources solely on the insurance industry. We are fully committed to developing mutually-beneficial long-term partnerships with our clients. After all, our clients’ success is our legacy. To learn more about leveraging the expertise of our network development consultants, contact us today.


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