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Network Development Consultants

The Jacobson Group delivers network development consultants, such as physician recruiters and provider contractors, in a timely and cost-effective manner as a solution to your expansion needs. Our subject matter experts are often used to support growth initiatives or to provide specialized expertise as a compliment to existing staff. With more than four decades of insurance industry experience and relationships at work, Jacobson provides immediate access to network development professionals on an interim basis for your expansion projects and short-term engagements.


On Demand Expertise for Health Insurers

Our experts are well-versed in health insurance business processes and possess proven project management capabilities and marketplace credibility.

  • Contract Specialist
  • Network Development Manager
  • Physician Recruiter
  • Provider Engagement Manager
  • Provider Outreach Educator
  • Provider Relations Advocate


Our Network Development Consultants

Leveraging an average of 15 years of functional expertise and provider knowledge, our network development consultants can quickly step in to address your critical business projects.


Personal Property Product Expert
Residential Property Insurer

Medicare Advantage RADV
Audit Chart Reviewer (2)

Health Plan

Government Program Actuary
Health Insurance Company

Medicare Bid-Peer
Review Actuary

Health Plan

Moses Coding Actuary
Multi-line Provider