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Insurance Marketing Consultants

Marketing is a critical element of any business, and there are times when insurance providers require additional support to ensure their marketing campaigns are as effective and visible as possible. When traditional insurance marketing agencies are not the right fit or an insurance company’s marketing department is overtaxed and struggling to keep up with requests, The Jacobson Group can help. To manage these short-term needs, Jacobson provides insurance marketing consultants as a timely and affordable solution.

The insurance marketing professionals we deliver are all experts in their field, averaging 15 years of experience and well-versed on techniques to effectively market insurance across all segments of the industry. With extensive expertise in areas including product development, business development and market development, our consultants can quickly step into our client’s organization to execute on their insurance marketing strategies or create new ones.


Health Insurance Marketing Consultant Expertise

Marketing health insurance in this highly regulated and ever-changing market requires professionals with not only strong marketing and sales acumen, but also a deep-seated knowledge of the health insurance landscape. Health insurance providers who have the right people in the right place at the right time have a definitive competitive advantage. Our experienced consultants have helped our clients with a number of insurance marketing services including, but not limited to:

  •      Benefit Booklet Creation
  •      Product Sales
  •      RFP Writing
  •      Summary Plan Description Writing


Disability and Life Insurance Marketing Experts

Jacobson offers a strong network of proven marketing consultants to our life insurance clients. Our experts have a proven track record of supporting life insurance marketing strategies and projects from competitor analysis and product development to messaging and delivery and everything in between:

  •      CRM Maintenance and Development
  •      Marketing Analysis
  •      Process Improvements
  •      Product Development
  •      Project Management
  •      Training


Property And Casualty Insurance Marketing Specialists

The property and casualty insurance market is known for its broad range of complex products; and marketing insurance in this segment requires a deep understanding of those products and their various customers, as well as extensive marketing experience and skill. Jacobson’s marketing consultants bring that level of understanding to our clients, providing property and casualty insurance companies with an immediate impact on their goals. Our consultants’ expertise can support a variety of project needs including the following:

  •      Interim Management
  •      Market Analysis
  •      Marketing Strategy
  •      Retail Distribution
  •      Sales
  •      Wholesale Distribution


Leverage Jacobson’s Insurance Marketing Consultant Network

Jacobson has been a fixture in the insurance industry for more than 50 years. In that time we have built a strong and experienced network of consultants whose expertise we can leverage for our clients at a moment’s notice. To view a sampling of the consultants available for special projects and interim engagements, search our database for insurance marketing consultants now.



Lead Marketing Writer
Health Insurer

Product Expert
Property and Casualty Insurer

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Health Insurance Company

Marketing Analyst
Specialty Insurer

Annuity Marketing Consultant
Life Insurance Company