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Insurance Consultant Case Studies


RIMS and QNXT Claims Adjusters
Our health insurance client needed expert assistance during their conversion to a new pay system. They asked Jacobson to provide consultants with extensive claims experience and proficiency in multiple systems.
Platform Testing Actuary
A life insurance client needed assistance verifying data and testing calculations on their new experience study platform. Jacobson successfully provided an actuarial consultant with the platform testing expertise and life insurance background our client needed.
Financial Planning Actuary
This life insurance organization needed expert assistance with the preparation of their five-year financial plan, a multi-step process requiring buy-in from key stakeholders. Find out how Jacobson provided an actuarial consultant with the modeling expertise our client needed.
Model Review Actuary
Our life insurance client was in need of an actuary to assist with increased modeling work. With an understaffed actuarial department, they turned to Jacobson to provide a qualified specialist.
Tableau Consultant
This life insurance and annuities provider had an urgent need to replace their regulatory monitoring system. None of their existing employees were available, so Jacobson provided a consultant with the Tableau software expertise to meet our client’s requirements.




Life Actuary
Life Insurance Company

Impaired Risk Underwriter
Protective Life Insurance Company

GAAP Year-end Reporting Expert
Financial Company

Rate Filing Support
Health Plan

Valuation Actuary
Reinsurance Group