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Our Recruiters

Jacobson’s recruiters are dedicated to providing exceptional service to job seekers and identify and qualify consultants quickly and effectively.
Why Work With Us

Jacobson’s recruiters are an integral part of our organization. Dedicated to providing exceptional service, each of our recruiters shares a passion for supporting you through the next steps in your career journey – be it a permanent or temporary role. Our team is highly trained in understanding your needs and the client’s needs to ensure a mutually-beneficial fit. We pride ourselves on providing effective and efficient communication throughout the process, including addressing concerns and presenting feedback. Our team is dedicated to creating a consistent and positive experience for you as you take the next steps towards your career goals.

Featured Recruiters


"I'm motivated by the ability to help our clients find the right match and our candidates find the next step in their career path. It's rewarding when we can make a seamless match happen!"

Erin Shaughnessy, Recruiter


"Knowing that I can play an integral role in connecting candidates with the perfect company and job is so rewarding. I also love having the opportunity to learn from insurance executives and leaders!"

Cecilia Mwaya, Executive Recruiter


"I love knowing that I am changing people’s lives. Few things have a bigger impact on someone’s life than landing a great job. I’m excited to play a role in that."

Jason DeGrado, Recruiter