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Customer Service A southwestern health plan was experiencing difficulty handling their cell volume, which was resulting in long hold times and high abandon rates. Jacobson quickly provided a team of customer service representatives to address the client's cell volume.
Product Configuration When our client moved from a Claimfacts system to a Trizetto's Facets system, the high complexity and high-volume plans caused a significant delay. With several thousand unique products to configure, Jacobson quickly provided an experienced consultant able to produce immediate results.
Provider Maintenance Update This mission critical project was driven by this plan's own clients. Dental CSRs were needed to verify coverage information and document provider data. We customized a virtual solution and our staff was at full production the first day on assignment.
Provider Network Manager This client was responding to a proposal request for a new government-sponsored managed care plan. Challenged with meeting the required member and provider accessibility standards, Jacobson provided a professional with a background in managed care and provider network development resulting in a successful completion of the project.
Customer Service This Blue Cross Blue Shield client was experiencing a high volume of inbound calls from both members and providers. In order to preserve the client's reputation for excellent customer service, Jacobson responded within four days with a team of 19 CSRs and a seasoned project manager.




Claims Processor
Health Plan

Escalation Specialist
Health Care Service Provider

Member Enrollment Specialist
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Provider Maintenance
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Facets Claims Examiner (2)
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